What to Wear with White Jeans - Summer Trends

What to Wear with White Jeans - Summer Trends

Recently, white jeans have become more common in wardrobes. If before the lower classes were feared from white, now fashionistas can be found in such jeans even in winter. Today, white jeans can be attributed to the base. Firstly, white is an achromat, it is easy to combine it with any color and print, and secondly, denim has been the most popular fabric for sewing pants for decades. Even during a pandemic, the demand for jeans is increasing. With what can a girl wear white jeans to be fashionable and which models should be preferred?

Banana white jeans (Sloachy)

This season, mams jeans in almost every mass market have replaced the subspecies of this model with slits - in fact, they are the same “bananas”, but with wider legs and an even higher waist. The best part is that there are no restrictions on the figure in this model!

For girls with a wide shoulder line, these jeans will create a balance of proportions. And if you have wide hips, the sleeves will emphasize this advantage. Tall girls can wear both their own size and a few sizes larger. In this case, we get an effect where the zipper inflates specifically to create a more relaxed silhouette.

In summer, it is very effective to combine white jeans with a crop top, bra, bandeau, to throw on a jacket or shirt. This look will work even in offices with a lax dress code. Put on the second layer in the form of a shirt or jacket, add a belt on top like in the third photo, or even tuck the jacket into jeans. You can also tie the shirt to accentuate your waist.

Mom - jeans

Mom's or mom's jeans weren't in great demand among '90s youth, but were popular with middle-aged women. It was not until 2010 that this model gained popularity among young fashionistas and is relevant to this day.

In summer, white mom jeans will look great when paired with a trendy off-the-shoulder t-shirt. For a more dramatic look, add a puff sleeve blouse, but be sure to accentuate the waistline as it makes up for two oversized pieces in one look.

This model of jeans is not recommended to be worn with a top that is too bulky, so no sweatshirts, unless they are cut above the waist, and other voluminous long tops.

Wide white jeans

Contrary to popular belief, wide white jeans can and should be worn by petite girls. The main thing is a well-thought-out image - real black slates in leather or eco-leather with a small heel, jeans length to the floor, high waist - and now you are a leggy model.

Pair white wide leg jeans with a black one shoulder bodysuit, mini bag and chunky chains or a mono earring for a chic look, or with a shirt and sandals for a casual look.

Skinny white skinny

Skinny is not the most relevant model for the summer of 2020. Nevertheless, almost all mass markets are full of this model even in the collections of the new season, which means that there is a demand for them. If you can not give up the usual skinny, give preference to laconic models without sequins and cuts.

Skinny ones have gradually become classics, so we won't give them up for good, because they are so comfortable. Don't wear white skinny skirts with plain skinny tees. Ideally, we put on a loose t-shirt up to the middle of the thigh, worn, by the way, you can choose an option in the men's department, or tie it with a bow at the waist.

A luxurious total white look can be created by pairing a white skinny with a cropped top and heeled sandals, adding a second layer in the form of an oversized jacket, or simply wearing a jacket without a bottom layer.

White denim short culottes

In the 18th century, culottes (short pants with a closure below the knee) were worn by men. In the 18's, the culottes appeared on all the fashionistas of Europe. Thanks to Princess Diana, the fashion for cropped wide pants with arrows gained momentum in the 1940s. And today, panties are once again a fashion trend.

It should be noted that girls with a short stature should be very careful when choosing such a model of jeans, because there is a chance to visually become even lower. Shoes are the most important thing in creating the right look with culottes. It is she who can badly divide our proportions.

Choose neutral beige shoes matching the skin tone, or white shoes, in order to achieve the vertical color and visually stretch the image.

White straight jeans

Timeless classics. Like other white jeans, straight white jeans pair well with all blouses and tops, sweatshirts and jackets, sneakers and heels. Create a fun and fresh look in white wide leg jeans by teaming them with the cropped jersey cardigans that have resurfaced this year.

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